Revolution Studios has signed Ashton Holmes and Emily Blunt to star in Wind Chill. The story of the horror-thriller goes a little something like thi- wait. You'd better brace yourself mentally first. This one is pretty wicked, and if you're not prepared for it, even the plot synopsis might cause you to widdle. Okay, here it goes: two college buddies are riding home together when their car breaks down on a deserted highway, and they find themselves menaced by the ghosts of people who died there! Is that original and terrifying, or what?! Seriously, isn't this the plot of roughly 50% of every horror movie ever made? Buddy cast members break down on lonely road and are chased by vague evil. Is anyone even remotely interested in seeing this film based on the plot? I didn't think so. We'll give them some time, though. Maybe by the time it hit theatres, there will be more to it than it sounds like there is currently. That's a very dubious maybe, though.

[via cinescape]

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