Here's a geek image update that contains NO Spider-Man or X-Men news. Wow. It does have just a little bit of Superman mixed in...but two out of three ain't bad, as the kids say. Let's take a quick look through our internet viewfinder at the latest geek images to hit the net.

  • A few shots from Tim Allen'sThe Return of Zoomcan be seen here, thanks to Coming Soon. You might remember Zoom from all of that Marvel lawsuit hoopla back in the summer. If not, click here to read the amusing details.
  • Here is today's Superman image, since these things seem to be cropping up like crazy lately. In a surprising twist, this one is NOT a picture of the Man of Steel, but rather his enemy . Check out the first image in the gallery for the new stuff.
  • A glut of new stills from master director Uwe Boll's latest epic Bloodrayne can be seen at the official website, just in case you happen to care.
  • Animated flick Doogle has a few looks for you, too.This film hardly counts as geek, but we're throwing it into the mix anyway, just because I can't decide what the heck the stupid thing is.
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