beckinsale.jpgThe marketing department behind the hotly-anticipated (at least, by Martha) vampire sequel Underworld: Revolution have apparently nixed plans to produce action figures based on the film's characters. This news comes as a pleasant surprise to star Kate Beckinsale, who was reportedly unhappy with the dolls produced in conjuction with the first film. "I looked," she says, "Like someone having a sex-change op." You'd think Kate might have enough pull with the powers-that-be to fix the doll to her liking – after all, she is married to Underworld director Len Wiseman. Why should Scott Speedman have to give up the chance to be immortalized in plastic in order to better serve Princess Kate's gender insecurities?

In totally unrelated news, there's another Beckinsale interview going around where the actress suggests that privacy-sensitive Hollywood stars should start wearing burqas to hide from paparazzi and prying fans. "Actually, I'm surprised there aren't more celebrities in burkas. You wouldn't have to work out. You could let yourself go. We should design a non-religious celebrity burka with a floral print," she apparently told GQ. "Times like this, it would be so handy to be a Saudi!" Later in the interview, she nixes the idea, based on the fact that it's seemingly impossible to "smoke a fag in a burka". Yes, yes. Those Arabs know absolutely nothing about functional design. We'll turn this tool of female oppression into a kicky contemporary seperate yet. Let's get Tom Ford right on it.
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