You know how every now and then all the geeks in a particular area gather together, often in costume, to celebrate their geekiness with one another while paying homage to some particular element of geekdom? They call them "conventions," typically. Well the official Lord of the Rings convention is having its way with Pasadena, California this month* (the 20th-22nd); and true to convention form, its got some pretty neat features lined up for the hobbit-clad fans that attend. The convention will feature appearances by actors  Elijah Wood, Sean Astin, Billy Boyd, Miranda Otto and John Noble, and will also be screening a full lineup of outtakes from all three films. This bit, I think, sounds like a grand time. Given the cast, I imagine that a full on LotR outtakes reel could be quite amusing.

Although I do revel in my geekdom, cons aren't usually my scene. I poke gentle fun at the people who attend- but rest assured that I love you guys. Even the ones dressed as orcs. You are, after all, my people. If you are interested, you can dig the full details of the One Ring Celebration here.

 *thanks to sharp eyed-reader Lith for catching my mistake on the date.

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