Three of hollywood's greatest self-styled "outsider/cult-hit" directors recently got together for what can only be considered the greatest geek director power meeting since Sin City managed to turn reclusive Frank Miller into a director. Having recently finished at least some of his new movie Clerks 2, Kevin Smith sought the opinions of his friends Robert Rodriquez and Quentin Tarintino. If you swing on by the official homepage, you can watch a rather entertaining video diary in which the three geek kingpins discuss their thoughts on the upcoming View Askew sequel.

I'll admit to being a mostly-fan of Kevin Smith. I don't think he's the greatest director to ever claw his way out of obscurity, but I do enjoy his flicks. Not as great pieces of art or timeless works of cinema; just as cleverly written entertainment. As such, I look forward to seeing if Smith can recover from his Jersey Girl debacle.



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