At this point, I think organizations giving out movie awards should only release their lists of nominees if Brokeback Mountain and Capote aren't involved - I mean, this is just getting boring. The Screen Actors Guild announced their nominations this morning and, shock of shocks, Brokeback Mountain and Capote are up for best picture (actually, the award is called "best film ensemble," but it's the same thing), and Heath Ledger and Philip Seymour Hoffman are among the best actor nominees.

The also-rans for best picture are Crash (which, lately, has been winning a lot),  Good Night, and Good Luck, and Hustle & Flow. Competing with Ledger and Hoffman for the best actor award are Russell Crowe, Johnny CashJoaquin Phoenix, and David Strathairn. Even among the other major awards there really aren't any surprises: as you'd expect, for example, Felicity Huffman's performance (in Transamerica) is recognized, as are those of Reese Witherspoon, Don Cheadle, and Jake Gyllenhaal.

The full list is below; the SAG awards will be given out on January 29 and we can all watch them on TV, if only to get the couch broken in for the awards shows that follow.