So, apparently there's a tradition in some old, New England Inns that involves guests leaving notes behind for those who come after them. Most of the notes seem to involve information about ghosts, though it's unclear why writing became the preferred means of communication rather than, say, lots of screaming and running away. Anyway, the tradition is called the "secret drawer society," and Sharon Scott thinks it's the prefect topic (and name) for her first screenplay. According to early reports, the script "follows two sisters and their friends seeking to unravel the mysteries surrounding a hidden treasure." Presumably secret notes are involved somehow, otherwise the title would be seriously misguided.

What's interesting about this film - which has producers but no cast yet - is the long view that is being taken with regard to promoting it. Despite the fact that it's months away from even thinking about shooting, discussions have already begun about a series of comic books and an animated series (an early look at the characters is here), all stemming from the script and aimed at creating an interesting in the story and characters among kids before the film comes out. There are tons of movies that come out of TV shows and comics (and the other way around, as well), but I can't thinks of any films that actually spawned those things before they were even released; this is a pretty original idea. In addition to a possible lack of interested in the promotional shows and books, there are also major financial risks here - what studio is going to spend that kind of money on a unproven writer? It'll be fascinating to see how (and if) this pans out.
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