"Hmmm," you say to yourself. "Cinematical never does contests anymore. I think they've STOPPED LOVING US."

You couldn't be more wrong.

As we've mentioned before, we're planning on doing a daily video podcast from Sundance, and we need us an intro. Want to design it? We're thinking something short and snappy, like less than 30 seconds long. Throw something together, toss it up on your site or server, and send us a link. We'll take the best entry to land in our virtual mailbox by 12 noon, Wednesday January 11, and slap it on the front of our Sundance vlog, which will be available for download here and on iTunes, and which our corporate pappy plans to promote to death – thus disseminating your digital handiwork to millions. The rules:

  • The intro must be less than 30 seconds long.
  • It must be original content produced by you. Incorporated images and audio not created by you must fall under fair use. Basically, if we think your video could get us into legal trouble, it will be disqualified.
  • Finished entries should be posted on your own site, and you must send a link through this form by 12 noon on Wednesday January 11.
  • Anything incorporating the phrase "Cinematical Sucks" will be immediately disqualified. Unless it's REALLY funny.

Toss any questions in the comments. And good luck!