It's now been officially confirmed that, as had been rumored over the past couple of weeks, the print of Terrence Malick's The New World that goes into wide release on January 13 will be shorter than the 155 version currently playing in New York and Los Angeles. According to Sarah Green, one of the film's producers, Malick himself made the cuts, and the film remains largely intact: "None of the scenes were cut out, all the scenes are intact, but he did trim down scenes and made a tighter cut of the film."

In addition, Green confirmed to an AICN tipster that New Line has agreed to release an even longer, super-mega version of the film on DVD at some point. No date was mentioned, nor was the issue of exactly how many different The New Worlds will eventually show up on DVD addressed - if Green is telling the truth, it's safe to assume that the theatrical version and the as-yet-unseen longer version will both come out, though what will happen to that 155 minute cut is anyone's guess.