As you know, all sorts of Total Box Office Numbers are being complied as 2005 recedes in the rear view mirror. While most of said numbers are lavishly coated with spin of various kinds, a few remain (relatively) agenda-free. Among those nice, (mostly) pure numbers are the film profits that are added to give us the 10 stars whose films brought in the most cash last year. Among the greatest money-makers are such bankable stars as Morgan Freeman, whose six (!) films last year made just over $550 million, and the snake-battler himself Samuel L. Jackson, whose efforts last year totaled two films and almost $470 million. Holding down second place on the list was the alarmingly ubiquitous Ewan McGregor, whose five projects in 2005 brought in an about $570 million. (At this point I have to pause and remind myself that we're not talking about Monopoly money here. I mean, HOLY CRAP. And remember, people, Hollywood had a bad year.)

The box office king, however, was a rather older, more experienced gent who appeared in just three films: Charlie and the Chocolate Factor , Corpse Bride, and Revenge of the Sith which, together, raked in a cool $640 million. Yes, it's true: Christopher Lee - an 83 year-old movie vet - kicked the asses of everyone in sight last year (as he did in 2002, when he appeared in both Attack of the Clones and The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring). So, now you know. You want money? Cast the old fella, even in a small role. He'll make it happen.