It's a little-known fact that octogenarian-marrying reality star Anna Nicole Smith is actually an actress - of the real, non-porn variety! Sadly, her lead work in such widely-seen projects as To the Limit and the straight-to-video Skyscraper has done little to support that fact. Now, however, outtakes from Skyscraper have appeared online, and her reputation is destined to change: as Dlisted pointed out when the link was posted, the woman's best work was clearly left on the cutting-room floor.

Ok, I'm lying. It's utterly horrifying, but wildly hypnotic at the same time. Sort of like the proverbial terrible accident, you really can't look away. I'd feel sorry for poor Anna Nicole, if she hadn't already shown that she has no shame. So we can all safely enjoy a good, guilty-free laugh.

[via Dlisted]
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