First, the sequel: Day Watch, the second installment in a planned trilogy of Russian sci-fi/fantasy/horror/vampire flicks, earned back its entire production cost on its first day of release. Hot damn - beat that, Christopher Lee. Though that cost was less than $5 million, minus the secret advertising budget, it's an impressive accomplishment for one day of exhibition nevertheless. The film's total take over its first four days was about $9 million, thus passing the previous Russian record, most recently held by the Afghanistan war drama9th Company and The Matrix Revolutions. it's thought that, by the end of its run, the film will have surpassed the all-time record for total theatrical earnings as well.

Meanwhile, those of us in the US are still fiending for a look at Night Watch, the film that kicked the series off. Currently scheduled for release on February 17 by Fox Searchlight, the picture has received mixed reviews in the comments here, but it remains one which many Americans are eagerly awaiting. (And by "many Americans" here I mean "me.") Now, though, those cheeky bastards at Fox Searchlight have jumped the gun on themselves, offering the movie well ahead of schedule. Sort off. If you click the link below, you can watch a Quicktime clip of the entire film - the only problem is that its sped up so much you can hardly see anything. But, supposedly anyway, the whole thing is really there. Since neither my computer nor my brain seems to work fast enough for the file to function properly, I'll sadly be waiting another five weeks before I see it. If anyone of you get it to work, however, please tell us how it is. Cool marketing? Crappy waste of time? Ooooh...vampires?

[via Twitch]