The cast for Bobby, Emilio Estevez's film about Bobby Kennedy's last hours, has been expanding like nobody's business. At last word, the currently filming project included roles for pretty much everyone except Pauly Shore - and yet Kennedy himself had not been cast. In fact, initial reports indicated that RFK would be seen only in newsreel footage; according to Estevez, audiences will "feel his presence and spirit through the lives of people who inhabit the walls of the hotel."

Now, though, word comes that
Keen Eddie and Boston Legal star Mark Valley will be playing the title character. Valley, who looks nothing whatsoever like RFK, is certainly pretty - but what's going on here? If Estevez plans to show his central figure primarily in newsreel footage, why bother to cast a known actor for fill-ins (I'm thinking, for example, of shots from behind as he walks through the hotel kitchen, just before the shooting)? I suppose the whole Valley thing could be a lie - anyone have any information or thoughts?
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