Over on sister site Blogging Baby, Jay Allen (full disclosure - he's married to your humble managing editor, aka, me) is blogging about the pay-per-view option to buy Fantastic Four in either its original version, or in a "family-friendly" version. He discusses the film and how our children handled it - although I'll note that he neglects to mention the raised eyebrow he got from me when I came downstairs and saw what our children were watching just before bedtime. I'm not particularly a big fan of edited films ala Clean Flicks, but after my 6-year-old son spend the rest of the evening gleefully talking about "that naked invisible girl" and how he "saw her bra and panties", I may have to reconsider my stance.

This wasn't a Clean Flicks edit, though, it was presumably, a studio-offered edited version (at least, I assume it was a studio edit, though I suppose the pay-per-view people could have done it). What do you think of studios editing their films to make "family friendly" versions? If you have the option to watch an edited version of a film with violence/sex/nudity/language, would you watch the "clean" version? Or do you like your films "dirty"?

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