As Karina reported the other day, Paul Greengrass is determined to base his 9/11 film - Flight 93 - firmly in reality. Among other things, his actors have studied videotapes of their "characters" (real people on the flight), and he's reportedly using cockpit recording and conversations with air traffic controllers for parts of his script. The film's teaser, which just went up at Apple, is further evidence of Greengrass' apparent effort to avoid the trappings of Hollywood (though given the unfortunate cultural ubiquity of the flight's famous "let's roll" phrase, only time will tell how successful he can be) for his finished product.

The teaser is made up almost entirely of quick shots of a radar screen tracking the progress of Flight 93. We see the flight change course as the audio offers increasingly alarmed conversation with pilots, air traffic controllers, and passengers talking to their loved ones. The tension created is incredible, particularly given that we're just looking at a little blue plane. At the end, after a passenger tells her mother that "they're about to storm the cockpit," we finally see actual footage from the movie, a handheld shot from the front of the plane.

There's really not much here to praise or condemn, but the potential for success is there, particularly if Greengrass can keep himself from thinking that shaky handheld camera means reality, and instead elects to actually let the audience see what's going on. The film is due for release in April.

[via Movie City Indie]
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