I swear, this has happened to me: two postal workers in Denver have been charges with stealing hundreds of Netflix DVDs over a two month period. It's unclear whether or not the bandits worked together: police first apprehended Gloria Flores after catching her leaving the post office with six Netflix envelopes not addressed to her. The local police, assuming they'd caught the sole culprit, patted one another on the back and called it a day. But a couple of months later, Netflix customers in the area were still reporting missing DVDs, so the cops went undercover. They eventually started following another postal lady named Karen Durante. After following her to a gas station and watching her throw away 33 Netflix envelopes, all empty and all addressed to other customers, Durante was arrested. Interesting side note: Durante was also spotted trashing a single, solitary Blockbuster envelope. Poor Blockbuster – they don't even appeal to thieves.

[via Hacking Netflix]