Why, it's the movie we've all been waiting for! Chunky laugh riots John Travolta and Tim Allen are coming together at last, playing "middle-aged biker wannabes" in Disney's Wild Hogs. Along with two of their as yet un-cast buddies, the pair head out on their new bikes (not, presumably, the kind with pedals and banana seats) in search of the badass life. What they find, however, is "a real Hell's Angels group." Oh ho ho! The hilarity will never stop with this one!

Though the story itself may sound just the slightest bit cliched, under the guidance of director Walt Becker - AKA the man behind Van Wilder - I'm sure the movie will develop into a little slice of classy brilliance. Sigh. Am I the only person on the planet who remembers how great Allen was in Galaxy Quest?! Has Hollywood recently imposed a one clever movie/career rule for comedians, or something? I mean, really. This is just sad.
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