Chicago Reader's Jonathon Rosenbaum has his list of top 10, er, 15 films (counting ties) out, and tops on his list was one of my own fave films of the year, Jia Zhangke's The World. Rosenbaum loves The World so much, in fact, that not only is it his top pick for 2005, he also thinks it beats out his top picks for 2004 and 2003. Wow.

Also on Rosenbaum's list are a couple films I haven't seen but now want to, including his number two pick, Not on the Lips, helmed by Alain Resnais, and Ten Skies, an experimental film I'll probably never get to see, because it only screened once at Chicago Filmmakers. Rosenbaum's list also includes Howl's Moving Castle, one of the best "childrens" films I've seen in a long time, which Rosenbaum places in a tie with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't put the latter on my own list of top films for 2005, in spite of it starring Johnny Depp, my secret movie star boyfriend, but hey, we don't have to agree on everything.

[ via GreenCine Daily ]

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