Look, I admit it: every singer/musician who tries acting isn't totally incompetent. Dwight Yoakam, for example, just might be as good an actor as he is a singer, if such a thing is possible. Tupac, also, showed flashes of brilliance in his brief film career. And LL Cool J is pretty reliable, if nothing special. But most of the time, things don't work out so well - just ask Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, Madonna, and Usher how their film careers are going. (And yes, I know Madonna keeps getting jobs, but come on. She's only not awful when she playsherself.)

Sadly, however, the long list of Glitters and In the Mixes never stop the kids from thinking they'll be the next to make a successful leap. The new wave of hopefuls will be hitting us far too soon, with St. Louis (Holla!) rapper Chingy hitting the screen next month in The System Within (in which he plays an ex-model - what singer couldn't get behind that sort of casting?), and showing up later in Scary Movie 4. Joining Chingy in theaters next year will be Alicia Keys (as an assassin in Smokin' Aces) and R&B singer Mario, who will appear in a movie with real actors: his costars in Freedom Writers are Hilary Swank and Scott Glenn. And, for the country fans among us, Toby Keith will also be making his screen debut in 2006, starring in an MTV (surprise, surprise) co-production called Angel from Montgomery. And, just so you know, Keith thinks acting totally rocks: "It massaged my soul and my mind. I sunk into it and found a place I'd never been before, and it was really rewarding." Terrific. Thanks for sharing, Toby.
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