Movie producers love a successful movie, especially one that has sequel- or even franchise! - potential. Few titles fit the franchise bill better than comic book-based movies, as they are seemingly endless  wells of storylines attached to very flashy and effects-friendly characters. Marvel has met with great success already with two of its titles, and DC seems to be closing in as well, with the recent success of Batman. As Marvel tries to spin another of its top titles into a popular film franchise, "independent" publisher Dark Horse is also gearing up for its own movie franchise push.  Here's a quick hit on early details coming from these two films-to-be.

There's a sweet little video interview with Hellboy's own Ron Perlman over at IESB. You can see Ron as he discusses Bloodrayne (oh yay), and also the upcoming Hellboy 2. Ron confirms a finshed script, and says that Del Toro is very pleased with it. He also comments on those nasty rumors of DT leaving the Big Red for the Master Chief.

Meanwhile, the Vancouver Sun reports that location scouts are coming the Great North for places to shoot the next film adaptation of the World's Greatest Comic Magazine. I'm excited despite myself.

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