Ever since Columbia threw us a bone what seems like eons ago with that picture of Lowell as Sandman, info on Spider-Man 3 - even the unofficial kind - has been hard to come by. Word has spread that a few special effects scenes have been shot, but that's pretty much all anyone's been able to find out. And, while the state of things hasn't changed in any major way, a Tristan & Isolde Q&A with James Franco (AKA Harry Osborne, the Green Goblin's kid) did allow a few more details to escape around the cast's gag order.

First, Franco reported that principal photography is scheduled to begin next week, and that the entire cast has already been together for a reading. Second, despite his refusal to confirm or deny whether Harry would behave "a bit more in a villainous way" - the questioner's way of trying to get Franco to spill on whether his character would take on the role of the Hob Goblin or not - he nevertheless did admit that Harry will be seen in more action sequences in the film. So, draw your own conclusions - could this mean that Spidey will be battling yet another villain in this installment?

[via Coming Soon]
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