With an absurd amount of movie related lists floating around at the end of a year, I'm almost sick of talking about them by now. However, this list fascinates me because, in order to create it, one must be so glued to detail it's frightening. For the folks over at moviemistakes.com, it's their job, not to tell us how good or bad a film is, but how many times the filmmakers screwed up.

According to them, and interestingly enough, our friend George Lucas has topped yet another list, though this one has nothing to do with box office figures. Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith has come in at numero uno on the Top Ten Foul-up Films of 2005. With 142 mistakes, it beats out Steven Spielberg'sWar of the Worlds who finished with 111. An example they give in Episode III pin points a scene in which Anakin's hair changes direction (who notices this crap?) while apologising to Obi-Wan.

The Keanu Reeves film, Constantine (66), tied with Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (66), while Peter Jackson'sKing Kong (44) rounded out the top five. I guess this goes to show that, even with the tremendous amount of detail that's shoved into a huge CGI-filled blockbuster, there are still plenty of mistakes to be had. Check out the full top ten after the jump...

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