Harvey and Bob Weinstein have reached an agreement with Toshiba that their spandy-new company, The Weinstein Company, will support the HD DVD format. The boys based their decision on a number of factors, most notably that they think they can make more money by supporting the format. In a mutual statement, the brothers said, "We are impressed by Toshiba's technology and very much look forward to working with them."

The Weinstein Company will have a slew of films coming out on DVD, including Kevin Smith's new film The Passion of the Clerks,School for Scoundrels, with Billy Bob Thornton, and Grind House, which will unite one of my fave directors, Quentin Tarantino (who, hopefully, will not be acting in the film) with one of my least fave directors, Robert Rodriguez (yeah, I know Sin City rocked, but I still haven't forgiven him for the 90 minutes of my life I wasted screening The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl in 3-D).

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