Ok, this is just weird. In the New York Times (and, I assume, countless other papers) today, there's a full-page ad for Glory Road, which, if you believe the early, non-Dick Vitale reviews, is a pretty crappy "based-on-a-true-story" movie about the first college basketball team to start five black players. Crappy or not, advertising it is completely understandable - I've got no problem with that. What's so odd is that, between the poster image and the list of theaters in which the film will open, there appears this line: "Men's College Basketball on ESPN - Vanderbilt vs. Kentucky - Tuesday, January 10 @ 9pm/ET." Uh...what?

Ok - I know that Disney (which coproduced and is distributing the film) and ESPN share ownership, so it's in Disney's interest to push the channel. And yes, Kentucky (including starting guard Pat Riley, oddly enough) was the team of white guys that was beaten in the movie's big game - but who, having not yet seen the movie, would know that, or care? it's certainly not mentioned anywhere in the ad. Finally, and perhaps more importantly, how many people do you think are going to see the ad and actually think "Whoa, Vandy's on tonight? Sweet! I gotta watch that game!" Like, three? Maybe? I mean, what the hell is the point?
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