I guess Utah Jazz owner Larry Miller doesn't like gay cowboys anymore than Gene Shalit does. The  Megaplex in Jordan Commons, a theater Miller owns in Sandy, Utah, a suburb of Salt Lake City, abruptly pulled Brokeback Mountain from its schedule.  Management posted a sign saying the theater would not be screening the film. The film's distributor said theater management "reneged on their licensing agreement" and refused to show the award-nominated film (Which is not about gay cowboys - or sheepherders, dammit! Keep up, Larry!)

I know Utah is run by Latter Day Saints, but common, people of Utah! Surely there are enough theater loving people in Salt Lake City (and there have to be at least one or two gay people there too, right?) who want to see Brokeback Mountain. As of press time, there are a couple theaters in the Salt Lake City area (at least according to Fandango) still showing the film, but you might want to hurry.

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