Cinema for Peace is a four-year-old organization that holds a gala every year during the Berlin Film Festival. The group feels that, "for the most part, our perception of this world is shaped by the media and by pictures; and it is clear that film has a particularly important role to play." To this end, they regularly feature keynote addresses from activists in the film community (Tim Robbins, Dustin Hoffman, etc), and screen films that they feel provide examples of how cinema productively shapes perceptions.

This year, the gala will feature a pair of new awards. Firstly, the (still un-announced) 2005 film that "best exemplifies the association's ideals of 'social engagement for more peace, tolerance and humanity in the world'" will be recognized. Secondly, the first annual Cinema for Peace Award for Social Responsibility award will be presented to Sharon Stonefor her "many humanitarian activities" (despite that soul-destroying decision to make Basic Instinct 2). Stone reportedly has devoted a lot of time and effort to supporting AIDS research.

As far as I'm concerned, this announcement is notable for one reason and one reason alone: it's a humanitarian award that is NOT being given to
Angelina Jolie. Though it's not mentioned in the press information, I'm guessing she was busy.