When I wrote about the best conservative films of 2005, I noted that "a movie loses big points for me if the women are all submissive, supportive wives or nagging-bitch girlfriends." In 2005, I grew tired of seeing movies where the women seemed relegated to second-class status, particularly in those two stereotypical characterizations.

I could easily rattle off a list of films that were crummy for women, but I decided to be positive. I started thinking about the 2005 films I saw with women who kicked butt and took names, who didn't let other people boss them around, who went after what they wanted and didn't care what anyone else thought. Even if the movies weren't so good overall, the women were often a pleasure to watch.

Therefore, I've compiled a list of 2005 movies in which girls and women are in the driver's seat. No shrews, chicks-as-scenery, Patient Griseldas, backstabbing bitches, or whores with a heart of gold are allowed. I hope it's a lot more difficult for me to narrow down such a list to seven films if I do this again in 2007.

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