Note to self: Try not to scare people with your post titles. Okay, so Will Smith didn't exactly say he's "quitting acting," he just kind of mentioned that he's taking a break. According to Digital Spy, Smith would like to spend more time at home while his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, gets all jiggy with her band, Wicked Wisdom. Nice guy, huh?

"I'll probably work less so she can work a little more,"  Oh c'mon, so we get no Hitch 2? What's up with that Will? You'd think though, that with the success of Hitch, he'd feel his name still attracted the masses and would take on more work. Although he does have three movies in the works, so if that's "working less" than I suppose Will Smith fanatics should have nothing to worry about.


[via Movie Blog]

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