As expected, the end of the holiday weekend brought major box office declines to last week's leaders: The Chronicles of Narnia dropped 40% to $15.4 million, enough to keep it in second place, and King Kong's take went down a full 50%, leaving it in the third spot with $12.5 million. Topping the box office, however, and making it clear that American movie-goers are frightening people, was Hostel, which took in $20.1 on its opening weekend. Based on the opening, it appears as if Lionsgate, the independent distributor that found a gold mine with the Saw movies, has yet another sneak hit on its hands.

As opposed to Hostel, the other two new films this weekend - BloodRayne and Grandma's Boy - both did horrible business and finished outside the top ten. Grandma's Boy took in just $2.9 million, more than $1.5 million behind The Family Stone, which held down the tenth spot. Meanwhile, BloodRayne's open was reportedly an unmitigated disaster: instead of the announced 1915 theaters, it ended up showing on less than 1000 screens and seems to have made barely $1 million. In addition, hundreds of theaters reported receiving prints of the film that they didn't order; needless to say, they refused to screen them. Yikes. Not exactly an illustrious start for Romar, the new indie company that is distributing the film. Full numbers after the jump.