A Million Little Pieces, James Frey's scandalous, outrageous memoir of life as a Criminal (his capitalization) has been all over the place since it was published a few years ago. The hardback edition didn't sell much, but when Oprah made it the first non-fiction work featured by her book club, millions of Midwestern women (and, you know, others) started reading and raving about prison, vomit, and drug-free root canals. He was interviewed countless times, and everyone marveled at the badass-turned-writer. The movie rights were snatched up by Warner Brothers and the picture, which will be directed by The Libertine's Laurence Dunmore, is currently in development.

Unfortunately, the "memoir" is a work of fiction. Oh, and Frey's never been in prison. Ever. Extensive investigation by The Smoking Gun has revealed that Frey's book (his debut work) was rejected 17 times when it was presented as a fictional story so he just changed himself into an ass-kicking criminal and turned the book into a "memoir." So, basically, he's (based on reviews) not a very good writer and a liar with giant balls.

No word on if this little revelation will have any effect on how Warner approaches and/or sells the film.

 [via MeFi]
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