Grind House, the eagerly-awaited collaboration between Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez, is due to begin shooting this month (though in a chat in early December, Rodriguez mentioned that he'd already begun work on his half), and The Weinstein Company hopes to have it in theaters by the end of September. For those of you not up on your QT, the film will be split into two 60 minute segments, one directed by each man. The two unrelated movies will be joined by an intermission of sorts, during which fake trailers and ads will be shown. It could be a disaster, but the idea is pretty appealing, particularly given the two maniacs who are involved.

Though things have been pretty quiet on the movie front, the exciting news for fans of the directors is that the two are planning to publish a companion book. Grind House: The Sleaze Filled Saga of an Exploitation Double Feature, isn't just a hardback rip-off for fans. No really, it's not. In addition to offering the expected behind-the-scenes photos and art and whatnot, it will also include "an in-depth history of the grindhouse genre by the directors themselves." The book, which will be published by Rodriguez's own Troublemaker Publishing company, is due out this summer.

[via JoBlo]
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