Click, the latest effort from master thespian Adam Sandler, is due out this summer. It's about "a workaholic architect who finds a universal remote that allows him to fast-forward and rewind to different parts of his life." Needless to say, the inevitable "complications arise" when the remote goes haywire and starts making its own decisions. But before you dismiss it (as I, too, was sorely tempted to do) as yet another sweet, juvenile pile of crap, check out this cast: Kate Beckinsale! Christopher Walken! A hobbit! Plus, there's a secret weapon: David freaking Hasselhoff! I mean, there's potential there, right?

Now, not only do I generally not like Sandler, but I also firmly believe that John Ritter's Stay Tuned is and will forever be the greatest remote control movie ever made. That said? I feel a huge letdown coming out, but the trailer looks pretty good: Sandler is doing his adult, non-shtick thing, Hasselhoff is wearing a suit, and Walken isn't totally over the top. What do you think?

[via Movies Online]
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