Producer Frank Marshall, whose credits include practically every movie ever made, spoke with IESB recently and updated us on a bunch of his projects currently in the works...or not. Next up for him is The Bourne Ultimatum, which will begin shooting on August 1st and have nothing in common with the book, except for its title.  Is that a good thing? Also teased was the possibility of a lovey-dovey relationship between Matt Damon and the Julia Stiles character.

According to Marshall, Indy 4 will immediately begin following Ultimatum. He hadn't read the script yet, but noted the project is moving forward and that everyone involved is very happy thus far. He would not confirm whether or not Sean Connery would return as Indy's father. After Indy, Jurassic Park 4 will begin its production. Hmm, so they are going ahead with it. Why?

I'm afraid that's as far as the good news will travel and, depending on your stance, the rest of it may bum you out. Marshall also officially squashed rumors of another Gremlins film and said that a Back to the Future 4will not be made. Oh well, they could've just saved time and merged the two, having Mcfly travel back to the year 1984 to help fend off Gremlins and save Christmas. Then again, I'm not in charge. Damn.

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