At last count, there were roughly 20 billion names swirling around the blogosphere in connection with the role of The Joker in the Batman Begins sequel. Out of the muddle, the three that seem to emerge most often are Paul Bettany, Crispin Glover, and Lachy Hulme, whoever that is. While second-hand reports suggest that Hulme is unlikely to play the role and the Glover rumors have recently quieted, the Bettany talk is still going strong. And now a new name can be added to the mix: King Kong (and, lest we forget, Oscar winner) star Adrien Brody has decided that he should get to play the role, though no one from the movie has actually ever approached him about it. Said Brody, "I would love to play The Joker. I think he would be deformed and creepier." (Creepier than what was never made clear.)

I know we've asked about your Joker casting ideas a dozen times already, but does the Brody rumor do anything for you? Personally, I love Bettany and would be more than happy to see him in the role.
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