There's a brand-spanking-new international trailer for V for Vendetta out and, even though it shares a lot of the same footage with the ones already released, it's definitely worth a look. Sure it's in Japanese and you may not understand what's being written across the screen, but who really cares about words - check out the visuals.

The trailer itself it much shorter than the U.S. version, however the editing is fantastic, mixed to some sort of Matrix-type theme (hmm, wonder why?), it's got a hip bounce to it. Maybe it's just me, but I wish all trailers were like this; quick and to the point. I see no reason for a two and a half minute mini-synopsis. Don't show me all the great scenes - just tease them. I'm not saying the U.S. trailer for V is bad, but it sure is long. I'm curious: Do you prefer a longer trailer to a short one? After watching the shorter international trailer, would you have gone to see the film based solely on that? V for Vendetta hits on March 17th.