• The internets are alive with the undeniable fact rumor that Leonardo DiCaprio and Lindsay Lohan (she's out of the hospital, by the way, but Leo might have visited her!) are a couple. Dare we hope? If this turns out to be true, I'm convinced that the tabloids will spontaneously combust from the gossip potential alone.
  • I'm sure that, just like all the other really cool kids, you've already laid down your $190,000 for reservations on a Virgin Galactic trip to space. Seated by your side and you put your life in Richard Branson hands will reportedly be such cutting edge celebs as William Shatner (too...many...Trek...jokes), Moby and, yes, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. I wonder if her kids will be his kids by that point. Why, maybe they could get some sort of bulk space discount!
  • Speaking of Brad Pitt, he shaved! Good lord, the man looks about 20 years old. When was the last time we saw him without scruff of some kind, anyway? 1984?
  • In today's breakup news, Hilary Swank and hubby Chad Lowe are separating after eight years together. Don't fret, though - they're going to try to work things out. I will control myself and not write anything snide here about her career outshining his, or her being able to utterly kick his ass. Instead, I'll just say that it's always sad to hear about the death of love. Sigh.
  • Finally, it just came out that Steven Spielberg was totally pissed when Kathy Griffin made a funny about Dakota Fanningbeing in rehab. Sadly, his threat to put Griffin on a scary-sounding Dreamworks "list" did nothing but win him a brutal mocking. Well hey, Spielberg's new to the biz. Maybe someday he'll learn just how wild and crazy these comics can get.
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