In an interview with Latino Review, Michael Madsen dishes on his role in Bloodrayne, while also giving us a taste of what to expect from his parts in Scary Movie 4 and Sin City 2. Although he seemed to enjoy working on Bloodrayne, he did say that he wouldn't want to do another film like that again. Not sure why, but it could have something to do with those darn Romanian horses.

While speaking about his upcoming projects, he mentions having just finished Scary Movie 4 which, for him, was indeed scary. Not so much the film, but the actual comedy. Madsen claims, "I'm not funny. I can't be funny." Well, apparently David Zucker saw something from Madsen in My Boss's Daughter because that's what landed him the role in Scary Movie; neither of which excite me very much. He couldn't say exactly what he was playing in Scary Movie 4 because of a confidentiality agreement he signed with Miramax. Seriously? Confidentiality on Scary Movie 4? Does anyone even care what it's about?

He talks a little bit toward the end about his relationship with Quentin Tarantino as well as Sin City 2. What's interesting, and I did not know this, Madsen approached Robert Rodriguez at the Kill Bill wrap party and simply asked how come he wasn't in Sin City. Since there was only one role left to cast (Bob), it was given to Madsen, however Rodriguez promised him that he'd play a much larger part in the sequel. Yeah, I need to check out these wrap parties and see if I can't land myself a cool role. Currently, Madsen is preparing to shoot Hell Ride for Tarantino and claims Quentin's got some other things lined up for him too.