Well before Dick Clark took over the mantle, Nicholas Ray was America's Oldest Teenager. The director, who made such classics as Rebel Without a Cause, Johnny Guitar, and In a Lonely Place, is well known (in a mostly affectionate way, at least early-on) to have spent most of his life steadfastly refusing to mature. Right up until his death, Ray battled drug and alcohol addictions, gambled heavily, and slept with lots and lots of people of both genders (his fourth wife, married as he headed into old age, was a woman he met when she was a teen) - much of which he recounted in his memoir, I Was Interrupted.

Said memoir is now being adapted for the big screen by Oren Moverman, and will be directed by Philip Kaufman, a director who, though he did make The Right Stuff and The Unbearable Lightness of Being, has seen his star decline rather significantly lately. (Unless, that is, you were a big fan of Twisted, in which case you probably think he's doing great.) What's most interesting about the news of this project is the fact that someone is actually going to get to play Ray - it's a potentially fantastic role, but the risk of turning the man into a caricature is a major one. (I can picture, for example, Anthony Hopkins getting way, way into the role.) Keeping in mind the fact that the movie is expected to focus on the last decade of Ray's life, who do you think should get the job?
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