When word of a Richard Petty bio-pic (to be written by Chris Cleveland and Bettina Gilois, the pair behind the soon to be released Glory Road) first came out over a year ago, Dennis Quaid was expected to both produce and star in the untitled film. Now, however, it's big bro Randy who is reported to be playing the legendary NASCAR driver.

While it's a bit odd that someone thinks the two look enough alike to both be able to play the same real-life figure, it's always good to hear that the older Quaid is getting a starring role. Though he's (quite reasonably) known by most of us primarily as Clark Griswold's over-the-top, dickey-wearing cousin, Quaid is actually a quiet, solid presence in most of his best roles; it's nice to see this confidence in him. Well, it's either confidence, or someone just decided that he'd been away from cars too long (Days of Thunder was more than 15 years ago, after all) and decided to throw him a bone.

It's gonna be a while before this one starts shooting - who knows, maybe there's another Quaid we don't know about who can take over the role next.
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