There are a bunch of different jokes I can throw out regarding this story, but let's start by being serious. Governor Schwartzeneger has received 15 stitches after colliding with another car while driving a motorcycle with his son. The accident occurred Sunday afternoon and it seems as if it's the fault of the other driver for backing out, unaware the Terminator (okay, I had to go there) was heading straight for him.

All parties are said to be fine and the governor was expected to keep all of his appointments Monday. I mean, why should we expect less - the dude is huge. He's still huge, right? Ahnold's son was riding in the Harley Davidson's sidecar at the time and was treated for minor cuts and bruises. See, I'm the guy that would vote for him just because he drove a Harley with a sidecar. I'm that guy.

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