According to an article in London's Daily Mirror, Quentin Tarantino is royally (Ah ha! A pun!) pissed at the producers of Casino Royale. Without actually explaining anything, QT goes off on one of his patented rants, about how "they would not be making [the movie] if I hadn't talked about it first." Oh, and how "they are taking my idea and they are taking the publicity I gave them towards that idea."

Dude, what are you talking about? What publicity? And how, exactly, was it your idea? Did you once tell a friend that you'd think it would be cool to make Casino Royale? Come on. If you want us to get behind you - and, trust me, we here at Cinematical are all about righteous indignation - we need a few more details.

Since QT doesn't seem to be interested in telling us more, we turn to you - if anyone happens to hear any more tidbits about this random explosion of anger, please pass them along.
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