Now, while I realized the revelation that a man whose career consists almost entirely of movies based on video games, none of which has ever turned a profit, is crazy isn't exactly big news, this particular assertion is based on actual human interaction (someone else's sadly, not mine), not just his crappy movies.

At the LA premiere of the now officially disastrous BloodRayne, Uwe Boll stood before the audience and denounced the entire Hollywood community as "greedy thieves." True? Well, perhaps. But if you actually want to work with those thieves? Strike one. Then, he convinced members of the film's cast to join him on stage, only to forbid them to speak because he "hate[s] it when actors talk." Yeah. That's strike two. Finally, Boll proceeded to spend a lot of time talking about how Romar Entertainment is "the only truly independent film studio that makes and distributes films inexpensively." Since by "distributes films inexpensively" I assume he means "sends unsolicited prints to hundreds of theaters," I'm going to have to call that strike three.

I mean, really. Just when you think the man can't possibly damage his reputation further, he goes and pulls something like this. What's the opposite of genius, anyway?

[via RiskyBiz]