Everyone and their brother has been eagerly looking forward to the film version of Maurice Sendak's seminal children's book, Where the Wild Things Are, and the announcement that Spike Jonze would direct only kicked the frenzied anticipation into higher gear. Problems, however, arose, primary among them the fact that Universal (who owned the property) had some serious disagreement with Sendak about what Variety calls "the concept" of the movie.

Happily, however, at least that problem has been solved: in a display of class rarely seen in Profit, Profit, Profit! Hollywood, Universal agreed to let the film's producers shop the movie around - and it's now owned by Warner Brothers, who plan to get the it going later this year. Woo hoo! Just to refresh your collective memories about the project, the script has been co-written by Jonze and annoyingly-trendy-but-actually-brilliant novelist David Eggers, the movie will be CGI-aided live action, and Sendak has described himself as "in love with" what Jonze and Eggers have done so far. Did I mention "woo hoo"?
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