Ever since I signed on to the cast of the good ship Cinematical, I've been periodically updating you about the many and varied rumors of an Aquaman movie. Eventually, it settled down and what we ended up with is an upcoming WB made-for-tv movie as a pilot for a new series. Then, the casting rumors flew for awhile, particularly fueled by the release of the casting call a short while back. Now, we once again cut through the endless stream of rumors to bring in some hard fact. That's right, the underwater adventurer has been officially cast, and will be played by none other than...wait, who? Okay, so his name is Will Toale, and he's apparently a newcomer to the acting gig, with the only substantial bit of his resume being a supporting role in in A Streetcar Named Desire at Broadway's Roundabout Theater. The pilot will begin shooting in March, and is expected to figure heavily into WB's fall lineup.

I continue to find myself oddly interested in this show. I'm not a huge DC fan to begin with, I deride Aquaman pretty regularly (and have for many years), and I'm not even all that keen on Smallville (heresy, I know). I don't expect to become a regular viewer of this new show...but I AM really curious to see what they come up with. Thoughts?

[via sci fi wire]

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