Chris of Stomp Tokyo has been trying to convince me that I would enjoy B-Fest, the 24-hour nonstop movie marathon held annually in Chicago (Jan. 27-28 this year). And I just might, if I could haul my butt up from Austin to Chicago. The festival organizers delight in choosing so-bad-it's-still-bad movies to fill the time, and encourage audience participation. If you think something sucks, or want to contribute your own dialogue a la the MST3K guys, you can feel free to shout at the big screen. I've never been to a film festival where you get to interact so fully (although I used to be a big Rocky Horror fan/participant back in my wild college days). Every year, they show Plan 9 from Outer Space at midnight and throw paper-plate spaceships, and hold a sing-along to The Wizard of Speed and Time.

The lineup for B-Fest 2006 has just been announced, and some of the selections are films I'd actually like to see: Coffy, because I like Pam Grier even in the tackiest blaxploitation film; Gas-s-s-s, the 1971 Roger Corman-directed film about a gas that kills everyone over 25 (and which is not available on DVD, either); and Earth Girls are Easy, because I think it'd be loads of fun with a lively audience. The 1933 version of King Kong would be a pleasure to see in a theater too. But I don't know if I could stand to sit through Rhinestone, Superman IV, or Baby Geniuses 2 even with the audience participation. That may require film-geek superpowers I do not yet possess.
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