Self-confessed cannibal, Armin Meiwes, is seeking to block a U.S. film from being released because, according to him and his lawyers, it depicts Meiwes in a very negative way. You may remember this guy from back in 2004 when he was put on trial for killing a man and then eating his body parts. Apparently he was convicted of manslaughter and sent to prison for 8 years, but then had the verdict overturned after the court heard that the victim had wanted it to happen.

The film, Butterfly: A Grimm Love Story, stars Keri Russell as a graduate student researching cannibal killer Oliver Hagan's (based on Meiwes) story for a thesis. However, she becomes obsessed with this bizarre lifestyle and, eventually, it overcomes her. Hmm, Keri Russell eating people? I sense a Friday night date flick.

A new trial is set to begin on Thursday after an appeal was won by the prosecutor's citing the verdict was too lenient, and so Meiwes and his defense feel the film could damage the outcome. Ya know, it kind of makes him look like a bad guy. Dude, you killed someone and then ate their body parts - do you really expect this one to turn out in your favor? I don't care if the guy asked for it or not, that's the kind of activity you pass on. Though the film is listed on IMDB, I could not find any release info on it. Well, that's if it even gets released now. I'm so bummed.


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