Luke Cage has long been one of my favorite under the radar Marvel characters. Yes, he's had his own comic. Yes, he's fought with some seriously illustrious teams. Yes, he's been around for many of Marvel's most significant events. However, he just doesn't have the name recognition of a Wolverine, Human Torch, or Captain America (maybe it's because his name is so...not super hero-y?). However, real Marvel fans know Cage to be one the most seriously hardcore and downright enjoyable characters in the Marvelverse. Marvel is no doubt banking on his true fan popularity mixed with the gritty and exciting nature of his story to bring success to annouced film based on the character.

In a recent appearance, actor Tyrese Gibson confirmed that he would be bringing life to the title character of the film. He also indicated that the screenplay is currently undergoing a second draft, and more action will be taken upon completion of said draft.

I don't know enough about this guy to know if he's a good cast, but I do know that I'm fantastically excited about this movie in general. If you couldn't tell from my opening salvo, I'm a huge fan of the character, and I think his story has real silver screen potential. I can't wait for more details.

[via iesb]

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