With her stunning portrayal of Gail in Frank Miller's Sin City, Rosario Dawson instantly won her way into the love and loyalty of a good portion of geekdom. Soon, she will be seen in Kevin Smith's upcoming View Askew sequel Clerks 2- another high scoring roll on the geek index. Naturally, she'll also figure into a number of the upcoming Sin City sequels. And the woman is not stopping there, my friends. What's next for the new fanbox vixen? If you guessed writing comic books, you are absolutely correct! Speakeasy Comics has announced that this spring will see the launch of Occult Crimes Taskforce, a groundbreaking new comic book miniseries co-created by Dawson herself, marking her first entry into the world of comic books. Apparently, she's read them her entire life, and is very eager to take on a writing role. The work is very ambitious in scope, promising to meld "sensibilities, drama and tension of film and with the wildly imaginative, epic style of comic books."

Good for you, Rosario. I don't know if I'll ever follow your work in comic book-ery, but I'll certainly give it a look when it launches. As any good geek, I love to see the successful melding of the two industries (and I cringe at the unsuccessful attempts). It's easy to see why Dawson and Miller work well together, given this insight into her comic-book-laden past.