• Good news for all you guys waiting for your shot: Scarlett Johannson says she doesn't believe in monogamy. "I don't believe humans are monogamous creatures by nature", Johannson said while promoting the Woody Allen flick Match Point, in which she costars. Frat boys everywhere reportedly high-fived each other in agreement.
  • Is Jonathon Rhys-Meyers secretly a girl? Johannson also says she would never date her Match Point costar, because he likes gossip and shoes and was "like a girlfriend on the set". Not the best image you want to project as a sexy leading man, perhaps.
  • Tori Spelling is apparently really bored from all the lack of real work to focus on. Not only is she now engaged to actor Dean McDermott before the ink is dry on her divorce, but she's already planning a spring or summer wedding. Dang, Tori! You might want to think about maybe taking the time to get over one failed relationship, before launching another equally doomed one.
  • Courtney Love stopped making payments on the house late husband Kurt Cobain's sister, Kim, was living in back in December, and now the house has been foreclosed on, having failed to sell at auction. Love could have saved the house by paying out some $386,000 owed on it, but it seems she didn't want to. Bet that whole situation made for some fun family holiday gatherings. It's not the first time Love has had financial issues - her New York condo was almost foreclosed on back in August and the condo board had some liens filed against her for unpaid charges. Question is, does Love not pay her bills because she doesn't want to, because she's too stoned to remember when to send checks in, or because she's just too damn lazy and/or cheap to hire and accountant to keep up with things for her?
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