It's been awhile for David Lynch, but he's got a new film coming out called Inland Empire and the first stills from the film have now arrived online. Though they're a bit blurry and hard to make out, there's some stuff involving a circus that immediately peaked my interest. Lynch doing the circus? Count me in.

We don't know much about the plot here, only that it takes place in Los Angeles, is a mystery and revolves around a woman in trouble. One interesting thing about Empire is that, although Lynch knew the basic premise, he shot the film without an actual script. Instead, he would just write each scene before shooting it. Now, I'm far from a filmmaking genuis, but I can only see this going one of two ways: Either it's a brilliant move that will help make the film look and feel more natural, or it will come off as an unbalanced train wreck. He's got some brilliant veteran actors in Jeremy Irons and Laura Dern, so here's hoping we're not halfway through the thing and hear, "Can somebody feed me a line? Oh, it's not written yet - nevermind."


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